“Finca Inca”, Probably the finest views in Spain?


Our tariff covers water, electricity and CENTRAL HEATING! Wi-Fi is FREE throughout the villa. We may help with translation & a free private ambulance service service

Why spend Winter in the cold? For virtually the same costs that you would incur by remaining at home, you can enjoy the warmth that our "old joints" appreciate by spending the Winter here at "Finca Inca", Javea, where temperatures are, on average, 10C warmer than in the U.K.

Tariff in € EUROS. ( See below for RATES SPECIAL OFFERS for our discounted LONG WINTER LET )

Up to 4 Persons.  Additonal persons are

€100 p.p.p.w. or part thereof at any time. Children are ‘persons’!

Tariffs 2020

From             To           €  (Take a ‘tenth’ off as a guide for the £GBP Tariff.

5 Sep.            2 Oct.             1190

3 Oct.           30 Oct.              900

31 Oct.         11 Dec.              745

12 Dec.        8 Jan.2021        810

9 Jan.2021  26 Mar.              745

27 Mar.        30 Apr.               900

1 May          9 July                 1,190

10- July       3 Sep.                1,620

4 Sep.         1 Oct.                 1,190

2 Oct.          29 Oct.                  900

30 Oct.         7 Dec.                  745

8 Dec.          7 Jan. 2022          810

Heated Pool

The pool is heated from 1st. April to 31st. October and is normally 25* C minimum unless the ambient temperature is abnormal.  There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for this & we have no rules regarding the time that the pool may be used; it’s for your sole exclusive use 24 hours a day!  The pool may be heated at other times of the year.  The cost is € 80 + €40/week.

Terms of Payment

Deposit: 20% with your Reservation.  Reservations made less than TWO months before the start date must be PAID IN FULL at the time of booking. Reservations are deemed NOT to have been made until the remittance has been ACCEPTED.  We have to say this because it is possible for a person to make an Instant Booking on Trip Advisor, without asking us first.  The “Loyalty Discounts” that guests will discover whilst here, do NOT APPLY to Long Winter Lets.
Balance: Payment by Bank Transfer 2 Months prior to the holiday Start Date
Our Reservation Form is a Contract under UK Law.  We do not charge a returnable “Damage Deposit” as we do on Trip Advisor, neither do we charge a “15% Booking Fee”.  There are NO HIDDEN CHARGES but there are a few NICE surprises for you on arrival !

For 5 or 6 persons, add €100 p.p.p.w. at ANY time of the year, by using the lounge’s sofa bed.

LONG WINTER LETS:- Available for a block of EIGHT consecutive weeks from 1 November to the end of March. To make “Finca Inca” your ‘Home from Home’, we have installed for 2020, a tumble dryer to go with the existing washing machine

Tariff: € 300/wk for TWO persons.  Additional persons are €100 p.p.p.w. or part thereof.  During “Long Lets”, guests arrange their own cleaning & laundry requirements.  However, if required, these additional services during a long let can be supplied.  Cleaning cost is € 15/hour, min €60.  Laundry charge depends on whether it is taken to the laundry by us or the guests, allow circa € 30 min. for bedding/towels alone; more if clothing is included.

To ensure efficient cleaning, please leave by 1000 and arrive AFTER 1500 though we can vary these times depending on when other guests arrive/depart

NOTE. Long lets do not qualify for repeat booking Loyalty Discount since they are already severely discounted.

Don’t Delay :: Book your villa in the sun today!

You may use our booking form to reserve your villa in the sun with our online booking form.
We are also happy to answer any questions or enquiries you may have, but hurry, places fill up fast.

Finca Inca Holiday Villa Javea

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