“Finca Inca”, Probably the finest views in Spain?

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Over the years we have had wonderful guests at our villa and many repeat visitors.

Words fail me to describe how wonderful our holiday was staying at Finca Inca.  Hal & Ame, who own the villa, came out at 2 a.m. to guide us to this little piece of paradise after I read the perfect instructions incorrectly ( tired with 2 teenage kids).  Hal and Ame had huge smiles and a very warm welcome for us all, they had also provided all the essentials at the villa along with very welcome surprise beverages for myself and partner at no extra cost like other villas.  The view was breath taking even that early in  the morning with all the twinkling lights below us.  Our first morning was one of pure delight the amazing pool (quite a lot bigger than other places we have stayed, looked amazing and very inviting.  It didn’t take our two teenage kids long to be screaming and shouting splashing around in it – all of 3 minutes from my eyes opening.  Myself and husband took at least half an hour of gazing at our astronomical view before we even spoke to each other.  We cannot fault this amazing villa in any way at all, Private. electric gates at the front of the lovely long drive.  It is ultra clean  and fully equipped with everything you could possibly think of, washing machine, brand new hob and cooker, ironing board, hair dryer, 2 bathrooms, large homely lounge, 2 bedrooms, big spacious hallway, even just the look of outside the villa was beautiful with massive balcony to spend gorgeous evenings drinking wine and just gazing in wonderment and many nights we used the beautiful barbeque area with another amazing view, and we have to acknowledge the super Wi-Fi it has, myself and husband still being able to keep updated and in contact with our businesses at home if need be and the kids enjoyed FaceTime and streaming at no extra cost.  Hal & Ame had provided so many hints and tips from places to visit to local supermarkets and favourite restaurants, throughout our whole 2 week stay we only saw Hal & Ame a few times and that was only when we sought them out ourselves.  I loved the fact that they were there close by for any emergencies that may crop up.  I loved also that they encouraged the children right from the beginning to not hold back on their fun and enjoy themselves which they did as nobody overlooked us and we were far enough away from anybody so I didn’t have to keep telling them not to shout or scream as they went crazy in the pool on all the inflatables provided or kicked the ball around or even my teenage daughter’s loud thumping music at times.  The location of the villa is outstanding too, high up the mountain looking down on gorgeous lively fishing port with lots of delicious restaurants, taverns and boutique type shops.  These are just a 10 minute drive away down the scenic mountain route and only a 15 minute3 drive to the heart of busy Javea with a stream of cocktail bars, restaurants, night clubs and gorgeous  sandy beach with so much going on even in October.  Our 2 week stay was just perfect spending time together as a  family, I know they won’t want to come away with Mum & Dad much anymore at 17 and 14 so this holiday was super special to me even though they have both said as long as we come back here they will always come with us.  So thank you Hal & Ame for such a wonderful villa.

19 October 2016 Al & Gillian, George & Grace

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